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I have loved your music since the 50's and would love to attend one of your concerts. Please let me know if there is ever a concert in the Southeast.

Cecil Gregg

Thank you for letting me know that you will check with Ms. James concerning that fourth million selling record mentioned by Mr. Murrow. I thought that since you mentioned that you talk with Ms. James from time to time, you might consider letting her know that there is at least one fan out here who would love to see her Carnegie Hall concert album released on CD (hopefully with the original cover art). The site is great. However, have you (or the person who is in charge of it) considered adding a discussion forum like some other sites have? That way Ms. James fans could talk via that. I appreciate the work that you and others, like Wayne Brasler, do.Thanks again. Best wishes.


i am a member of the fan club and i love joni james!!

mike antonucci

Would like to know when the new recordings, that Joni is making, will be released and what label they will be on.

Don Venneman, Baltimore MD.

Comments: Wow! What a wonderful discovery this is. I bought my first Joni album when I was a sophomore in college in 1964 or 1965. It was "Award Winning Album" and I was hooked from the first play. I enjoyed rock but Joni was something else altogether and her wonderful music has been a big part of my life ever since. I still have all those albums and they have been played many, many times. In the '60s, I was perplexed that such extraordinary music was heard so seldom on the radio. Ten years too late! I could not have been more thrilled to find a Joni webpage and there's no performer I would rather see in concert. Please, please let me know if she's ever in the St. Louis area, or anywhere in the Midwest. I can't imagine a bigger thrill.

Terry Hillig

Hello, I would like to become a fan club member. Can I do it through e-mail or do I have to send an actual postcard... I am looking forward to hearing all the latest news and concert info. Hopefully she will come to Canada. Thank you.

Charmaine Wong