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You may remember me - I wrote about the records mentioned on Person-to-Person. However, I'm writing about the new CD reissue "Ti Voglio Bene/Je'Taime." I can't find it in stores anywhere. Do you know if it is only available through mail-order catalogues and places like CDNOW? I even put in a special order at a very large record store called J&R, and they never got it in. I have never seen it at Tower Records either. I may end up having to order it by mail, but it is less expensive to buy it in person. I'm really surprised that I can't find it anywhere. I got the newsletter yesterday, and there was a very nice handwritten note on the envelope saying that hopefully I can make it to the Carnegie Hall concert. Well, there is no worry about that. I saw a mention of it in Liz Smith's column about a month ago, and I immediately called Carnegie Hall for the dates and to ask when tickets would go on sale. That was about 11:25 in the morning; I was told that the tickets just went on sale at 11:00 that day. Well, I immediately ordered two tickets - they're in the eleventh row of the orchestra, I believe. I can't wait. I also noticed that Ms. James was in my old hometown, Dayton, Ohio, at the Wright-Patterson Airforce Base. Did Ms. James sing at the ceremony, as the newsletter article mentioned she might? Best wishes, David


I was introduced to Joni's music in 1957 by my aunt who loved singing her songs. She has such a unique voice -- I fell in love with her too!! I've practically worn out my LPs from the millions of times I've played them! I'm so happy to hear she's still around and going back to doing concerts -- I hope to be able to attend one in the future. I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for caring so much about this performer and that she has such a wonderful fanclub for her. I recently was just fooling around in my computer and thought I'd look up the Internet to see if there was anything on her (since anything and everything can be found on the Web!!) I was exstatic to find a whole web page of information about her!!! This finding has truly made me very, very happy!! I'm planning on joining her fan club and sending my aunt's name as well!! Again, thank you!!

A Faithful Fan

I'm really happy that Joni has finally released her "Ti Voglio Bene" and "Je T'Aime" albums on cd. It would be great if we could get some of the singles that were never released on lp on cd. Like a new hits cd. The quality of the cds is great. Looking forward to more.

Edward C. Merritt

Who is this Joni James person? I have never heard of her. IS it a her? I mean, she COULD be a he named Johnny and you don't know to spell. Maybe you mean HARRY James. But the photos sure don't LOOK like Harry James. Let me know.

A possible fan

Joni, I fell in love with your singing in 1953 while in the Army- still love you.

Chuck Spisak

Joni James, Kitty Kallen, Julie London and Vera Lynn. Four of the very best from ANY era. !!

Richard E Gaber